Catering & Donuts

Try Our Take on Catering!

Whatever the occasion, we have you covered! Sit back and relax and have us prepare your tender juicy Barbecued Beef, Barbecued Pork, Pulled Pork, Farmer Sausage, Ham, Turkey, or Small Smokies – the only thing you’ll need to do is pick it up and serve it! Need an entire meal? We have salads, baked potatoes, Buns, Dessert, and Condiments. We also have deli meat trays, snack trays, cheese trays, donut trays, and gift baskets!

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Barbecued Beef

Rubbed with the perfect blend of spices and slow roasted in its own juices so that it melts in your mouth. Sliced, hot, and ready to serve!

Barbecued Pork

Rubbed with a special blend of seasonings and slow roasted in its own juices, our barbecued pork will melt in your mouth. Sliced, hot, and ready to serve.

Pulled Pork

Our pork roasts are slow roasted with the finest mix of seasonings until it starts to fall apart. Mixed with our house made barbecue sauce our pulled pork is sure to please!

Farmer Sausage

Our famous farmer sausage that’s made with our special blend of spices comes hot and ready to serve!


The perfect way to have a ham supper without the hassle of cooking it yourself! Our ham comes sliced, hot, and ready to serve!


Seasoned and slow roasted or smoked, our turkeys can be ordered at Christmas and Easter! You can take them whole or we can have them sliced and ready to serve!

Small Smokies

Our small smokies are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or supper. They come hot and ready to serve in a tray!

Baked Potatoes

Each wrapped in their own piece of aluminum foil, these spuds are baked until buttery soft in the middle!

Deli Trays

Our deli trays come with a variety of cuts on them! Choose from our variety of deli meats that are made in-store! Deli trays come in S, M, L.

Snack Trays

Perfect for a quick snack or appetizer! These trays are sure to be a hit! Snack trays come in S, M, L.

Cheese Trays

These trays complement our deli trays perfectly! To add more savory cheesiness to the tray, ask us about adding a cheese ball to it! Cheese trays come in S, M, L.

Donut Trays

Believe it or not we bake our donuts fresh in-store for you! Donut trays are a great addition to any function. Many different types and flavors to choose from!

Macaroni Salad

Our small salads will feed 10 people and our large salads will feed 30 people.

Potato Salad

Our small salads will feed 10 people and our large salads will feed 30 people.

Caesar Salad

We make our Caesar salads in-store. We can have them mixed together for you or keep each part of the salad separate so that you can mix it together yourself.


Call us and we will be more than happy to help you with choosing the right buns for the occasion!


Check in with us for current squares options.

Gift Baskets

We make up gift baskets for any occasion! Give us a call to order one.


Whether you need, ketchup, relish, mustard, barbecue sauce, horseradish, pickles, beans, etc. we have you covered!